Festus A. Okesade is a seasoned expert in Technology, Strategic Management, Risk Assessment, and Project Management, with a robust background in the Software and Business Management Consulting industry.

Proven practitioner with over 23 years experience as a Seasoned System Analyst, Cloud Solutions Architect, Experienced Backend, Systems Integrator and Database Architect.

25 years of experience in the IT industry, worked in various roles handling systems support, windows and Linux systems administration, networking, Azure cloud infrastructure solutions, IT security and IT project/people management.

Professional Finance Business Partner, with over 19 years experience in Financial Management and Reporting, Finance Operations, Tax, Compliance, Audit and Internal Control.

Business Leader with over 21 years industry experience. Expertise in IT Consulting, Infrastructure Architecture, Design, Operations, Security, Business Development, Business Continuity and Network Planning.

Bose is an Information Technology Sales Professional with over 20 years of experience in business development, customer relationship management, team management, sales management, and business strategy.

Julius is a seasoned IT Professional with more than a decade of expertise in solution development operations to drive business value. He is responsible for the corporate strategy, business planning and development, and Partner engagement (Microsoft, Sophos, HP, Adaptrum, etc.) at Sidmach.

Victor is an experienced marketing manager with close to a decade years of strategic planning and campaign development. He has a proven track record of driving brand awareness and revenue growth through innovative marketing strategies and tactics.