WAEC Edustat

Educational Insights with Convenience


Leveraging Analytics for Academic Excellence

Edustat offers educational analysis, using data visualization and data analysis tools as well as reliable education assessment data to help you make informed decisions. By harnessing historical and current data from educational assessments, Edustat offers comprehensive intelligence tailored to the needs of educators, researchers, and government agencies.

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Why you should use Edustat

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    Interactive web reports for instant access to insights.

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    Multiple output format options for convenaient analysis.

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    Seamless data integration for longitudinal studies.

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    Customizable dashboards for targeted interventions.

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    Expert support for data interpretation and decision-making.


Value for Education Stakeholders

  • Informed decision-making based on data-driven insights
  • Evidence-based interventions for student success.
  • Customizable dashboards for stakeholder engagement.
  • Enhanced educational outcomes through targeted strategies.
  • Streamlined data access and analysis for policy formulation.

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