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Transparent & Reliable Result Authentication for Tertiary Admissions


Efficient, Fraud-Proof Verification

WAEC Verify streamlines the authentication process for candidates’ results, ensuring transparency and reliability in tertiary institution admissions. With features such as single and bulk verification, WAEC Verify eliminates fraudulent practices while expediting the verification process for institutions.

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Why use WAEC Verify

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    Streamlined Admission

    WAEC Verify simplifies the verification process, enabling institutions to expedite admissions while maintaining rigorous standards of authentication.

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    Enhanced Trust

    By adopting WAEC Verify, institutions demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability, fostering trust among stakeholders, including students, parents, and regulatory bodies.

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    Cost Savings

    Reduce administrative overheads associated with manual verification processes and mitigate the risks of admitting candidates with fraudulent credentials, ultimately leading to cost savings in the long run.

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    Competitive Advantage

    Stay ahead in the competitive landscape of tertiary education by leveraging WAEC Verify to attract top-tier candidates and enhance the reputation of your institution as a trusted academic authority.


Value for Education Stakeholders

  • Minimized human intervention in WAEC result verification process.
  • Seamless data sync between the WAEC result verification platform and your institution’s portal.
  • Elimination/reduction of fraudulent practices such as impersonation, while verifying results.
  • 24/7 access to students’ authentic results from any location.

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