Portal Academy

Education Administration System


Streamlining Education Management

Portal Academy is a user-friendly educational portal that allows students to apply seamlessly to institutions, register for courses, access payment information, make payments online securely, view outstanding balances, receive electronic receipts, apply for hostel, access their academic report, and request for transcript. The portal also provides a secure login for authorized university administrators to manage student accounts.


Why Institutions use Portal Academy

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    Efficiency & Convenience

    Streamlined payment processing, reducing administrative workload and errors, 24/7 access to payment information and online payment options for students.

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    Improved transparency in financial transactions for both students and

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    Secure Payments

    Integration with secure payment gateways to facilitate online payments including school fees, examination fees, and other charges.

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    Designed to address the various administrative, academic, communication, and information management needs of tertiary institutions.

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    Information Access

    Provides prompt access to students’ information by serving as a structured repository, employing efficient storage and retrieval techniques.

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    PortalAcademy will automate repetitive and routine tasks, eliminating the
    potential for human error due to monotony, fatigue, or oversight.

Who Needs Portal Academy

Portal Academy caters to diverse tertiary institutions such as universities, colleges of education, polytechnics, vocational training centers, community colleges, research institutions, and much more. Whether managing thousands of students or focusing on niche disciplines, Portal Academy ensures efficiency, transparency, and excellence in education delivery.