e Agriculture

Technology guiding Agriculture-as-a-Business through informed insights.

Agriculture Insights for all Stakeholders

A platform that leverages technology and artificial intelligence to empower farmers through connected farms, and links them with ready markets to stimulate rapid growth of the Agriculture Sector.

eAgric is a one-stop shop that connects agriculture stakeholders
with relevant, accessible and timely insights and information.


Modules and Features

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    Farmland Mapping

    GIS mapping
    Farm segmentation
    Farm allocation

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    Farmers Registration

    Individual and cooperative
    Biometrics(fingerprints and face image)
    Farmers Verification

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    Yield and MarketPlace

    Yield Forecast
    Farmers Market
    Input Purchases

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    Information Centres

    Farmers Forum
    Notification Centre
    Bulk SMS

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    Farm Management

    Forecast and measure profits
    Develop crop plans
    Track and measure field activities
    Crop management
    Livestock Management
    Labour management
    Inventory management
    Track and monitor field workers progress

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    Production Inputs Management

    Loans / Financial Aids
    Machinery Rentals.
    Chemicals / Pesticides


Value for all Stakeholders

  • Precision Farming Insights

    Enables farmers to now know where to plant, what to plant, when to plant and How to plant.

  • Access to Market

    Our farmers know what to sell, where to sell, when to sell and Who to sell to.

  • Informed Decision for Policy Makers

    Enables Policy makers know where the farmers are, what pests and diseases they face, how to reach them and How to teach them.